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mattycub's Journal

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A vision of fur on rose petals
9 May 1975
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I would rather write just about anything than try to come up with this biography. How to distill myself down into a few sufficiently witty and enticing paragraphs? Beats me. Maybe the straightforward approach will have to do.

30ish, happily partnered, recent LA transplant who has completely fallen for the southern California area. Loves good music more than just about anything else on the planet; currently addicted to LCD Soundsystem, !!!, Iron and Wine, and Menonmena, among others.

Also happens to love other men, particularly of the big and furry persuasion. Used to feel pretty ashamed of this fact, now revels in it. Still, it's not all there is, now is it?

Values compassion, kindness, and thoughtfulness above all else. Intelligence is highly respected as well, but is considered a waste if it's not tempered by a good heart. Has seen enough blind cruelty and unnecessary drama to last a couple of lifetimes and avoids both at all cost now.

Has absolutely no idea why this is being written in the third person, and is stopping it now.

I'm really as much of an optimist as I seem. Being jaded and cynical is much more hip, which explains why I'm not. I'm always so behind the times.

I work (software developer), I watch tv (Lost, ANTM, and anything on HBO), I go the gym occasionally, I go the movies, I try to spend as much time as I can with people that stimulate my heart and my mind, I futz around on the computer quite a bit. I love my cat, even though he drives me crazy. I love my partner, who doesn't drive me crazy nearly as often as my cat does. What more is there to know?

I don't write in this journal nearly as often as I would like, and I'm not sure how interesting what I do manage to scribble out is. Still, I've been doing it for a couple of years now and haven't gotten tired of it yet, so on it goes. Welcome.

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